Buying a property is the biggest investment many people will ever make. It is why making the right decisions, and taking the best advice, are so important when going through the process.

And it is also why a simple, easy-to-read guide that takes first-time buyers, or buy-to-let investors, through the legal essentials that goes with purchasing a property, will become a ‘must read’.

The book: ‘Buy Or Sell Your Home: Legal Essentials for Smoother Property Transactions’, is the second in a series of four being written by business lawyer Lucy Chuo, and her team from Law Understood, the company she set up to produce these extremely helpful guide books.

The first book in the series – ‘Staying Open For Business – Legal Essentials’ – has been highly acclaimed, and making a difference to many in the business community since its publication earlier this year.

Book number two is an easy to understand guide through the laws of conveyancing in the UK: from pre-contract checks to post-completion, offering tips and expert advice on how to smoothen your property transactions.

It once again features contributions from professionals and accomplished property lawyers with years of experience in residential property; all who share their experiences and invaluable insight for the readers-cum-investors.

“I passionately believe the law should be accessible and understandable for everyone, and the easy-to-read guides that we have been working on are designed to make that a reality,” said Lucy.

“Buying a property is a massive step in life for so many people, not just because of the financial investment and ties that are involved, but with legal issues too, because there are so many proverbial ‘t’s to cross and ‘I’s to dot during the process of completing the sale.

“We have sought some of the best property and conveyancing esperts that there are to lend their authority to this book, all with years of experience and specialist knowledge, and all recognised as experts in their field.”

After the release of their first book, Lucy and the Law Understood brand were rapidly endorsed by prominent members of the business community as an excellent guide publisher. Among those who paid tribute to it was Anabela Ferreira, the Head of New Enterprise at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about Law Understood’s guidebooks, and to purchase a copy of ‘Buy Or Sell Your Home’, visit their website, or email

Buy Or Sell Your Home: Legal Essentials for Smoother Property Transactions is also available in paperback and kindle from Amazon by clicking here.