Introducing Law Understood

Law Understood was founded on 10th January 2013 in order to promote understanding of the UK legal system among entrepreneurs and the general public. The company aims to promote the UK legal sector by providing useful and accessible guidebooks on key aspects of the law.

Whether you are setting up a business, thinking of becoming a lawyer, or you need to instruct a lawyer to conduct legal work for you, our guidebooks and workshops are designed to give you the know-how and confidence you need to get the job done. Some of the biggest steps we take in life, such as buying a home, require at least some navigation of the legal system. Our goal is to help make such processes easier and more transparent, through our professional, easy-to-understand guidebooks and our friendly events.


Endorsement by Professor Jimmy Choo, OBE

“Looking back at my early career now, I can see how useful it would have been to have had a basic framework of guidance like that offered in this book.”

Other Endorsements

“A succinct and informative guide; a must have for start-ups. This is just the beginning of a great series of books to be published by Law Understood!”

Cindi Van Graan – Principal Solicitor at Protea Solicitors

“Staying Open for Business” was an incredible read for me!
The 1st chapter helped me through the maze of legal “stuff” I didn’t understand but it also simplified things for me to such an extent that I could question the many extra costs of opening my own Limited company!! I am so glad I got my hands on this book – just at the right time too!! I am a medical doctor who has just gone into private practice on her own, I hope this helps you too, if you venture down this route in life!”

Dr Fathima Mahomed – Consultant General Paediatrician at the Portland Hospital (Chelsea,London)

“I find that this is an excellent reference for anyone starting a business as it covers all the vital legal points/considerations when starting a business as well contains some good sign posting, where individuals can get further information.

Really well done on a very well-constructed and logical book. It is a great tool for any Start-Up.”

Anabela Ferreira – Head of New Enterprise at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

“This book saved me two months’ rent. One of the things I found out was that you are entitled to a rent-free period ahead of the beginning of a lease, while you renovate and improve the building you will be operating from.

If I hadn’t have read that, I would have simply started paying the money from when I took possession”

Florin Georgescu – Owner of Little Magic Scissors Hair and Beauty

Staying Open for Business is clear, easy to read and packed full of practical information & suggestions for entrepreneurs.

Lancelot Charlton – Former Barrister

Tunde Baiyewu (Lead singer of Lighthouse Family) and myself both found this book really helpful.

Annabelle Baiyewu

Congrats to my dear friend Lucy Chuo for publishing her new successful book. Strongly recommended for someone who is about to start his/her new business.

Hamed Kamali – Business Analyst/Web Developer

Law Understood’s support for charities

Women all over the world experience discrimination on a daily basis – an issue that is extremely close to our hearts. That is why we aim to raise funds to donate to The Lawyers’ Circle.

The Lawyers’ Circle is a network of women lawyers across the UK who donate their skills and resources to assist Oxfam’s work promoting the rights of marginalised women around the world.

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