Making law accessible

Law Understood provides guidebooks on the law for individuals and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to raise awareness of the legal implications and steps involved in some of life’s major decisions, such as starting a business or buying a home. We believe the law should be accessible and understandable for everyone, and our easy-to-read guides are designed to make that a reality.

Our guidebooks have been contributed to by a number of senior lawyers who are experts in their fields and benefit from decades of specialist legal knowledge and experience.


Law Understood’s Staying Open for Business is an easy-to-read guide which covers setting up your first business, and the legal requirements of running a business, whether it’s a start-up or an already established enterprise.

Also available are guidebooks for aspiring lawyers and those thinking of setting up their own law firm.

Law Understood also produces guides that help you understand the necessary legal processes when you need to instruct a lawyer, such as when starting your business or buying a home.

In addition, Kindle versions of all our books are available to purchase on Amazon

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